Drumming through the rain…or On with the boat projects!

Rain and more rain…and then some wind…ok a lot of wind…and then some more rain…oh, and it gets dark at 4pm.

Yeah, everything you’ve heard about winter in Seattle…it’s true.

But, what I didn’t expect is just how much the folks here create their own indoor fun. There’s a coffee shop that has rooms full of Lego, a yoga/community dance studio that has a playtime for young children every morning of the week (complete with a drum circle), and the YMCA (with their yoga and sauna and free child care) that has become my personal spa. And when the sun-breaks do happen, people practically run outside in their all-together to soak it up!

The kids and I have needed to find things to do everyday (which hasn’t always included running around in our all-together), while Gene continues to chip away at the boat projects — sometimes literally, in the case of decades worth of aging varnish.

Here’s an incomplete list of the current projects:

-tear out old head and replace with composting (desiccating) head

-replace running rigging — so easy to say, so much work to do

-clean and learn to use the wood burning stove

-scrape, seal, and caulk hatch and make it all nice-and-slidey-like

-add LED lights throughout the cabin and replace old incandescent fixtures — also a lot of rewiring involved here

-learn all about solar panels and build us a system that will meet our small, yet important, needs

This will all happen this winter, we hope. While we are still in our marina on Lake Union, have access to shore power, and don’t have enough sailing experience yet to brave the stormy waters of the Sound in winter.

We’ll continue to venture out when the weather breaks and bring you the chronicles of our learning adventures here. Come spring, we are planning to be on our way, out into Puget Sound for the summer. Making our way toward the San Juan islands before the weather gets icky again.

So, what am I grokking in my days of watching my little ones play and explore all the myriad, juicy possibilities know as “puddle stomping”?  As I watch Gene pouring over texts about everything from solar energy to seacocks?

I may be too close to the project to really know yet. But a deeper happiness and sense of worth has been slowly filling me during this time. Every time there is progress, even the littlest bit, some part of me swells with wonder and excitement and anticipation. But, when there doesn’t seem to be progress from day to day…when I just feel stuck in a tiny home that isn’t going any place and smells like damp toddlers…those days are hard.

I am truly grokking what an incredible, wild challenge we have created for ourselves. Now to hold onto the wonder and anticipation, through the rain and wind and varnish chips…until spring! More Legos and puddle stomping, more yoga and finding those sun-breaks. We’ll get through these winter projects, the sun will shine again, and we’ll be sailing!





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