Keeping spirits up!…or Just keep swimming!

We are, hopefully, in the home stretch of this very long, wet winter in Seattle. We arrived just in time for the rainiest winter on record actually.

We are close to completing the initial stage of boat projects, those that will at least get us underway to begin cruising in Puget Sound full-time.


Our current list includes:

-finish mounting solar panels — almost done!


-finish securing lifeline netting — almost done!


-work out sail storage for our spinnaker (where do you put these massive things???)

-secure the head — nice when it doesn’t wobble when you sit down

-vent head — the desiccating head isn’t drying as well as we’d like, needs a vent and fan – doesn’t stink though! Yeah!!!

-fix dingy chocks — so the dingy can actually sit on them level

-work out harness for us and harnesses/tethers for the kiddos

-clean out our storage unit (about the size of a 3’x3’closet) and get what we can aboard

-sell car and bike/bike trailer

We’re getting there!

Planning to sail to Vashon at the end of March to meet Gene’s family near Quartermaster Harbor and then, if all is well, we plan to continue the cruise from there and not return to Lake Union. We’ll see how this next month goes!


Whatcha think?

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