Cutting the dock lines…or bye-bye convenience!

IMG_7912.jpgSo, we moved aboard in September. From Colorado. Land-locked Colorado. With a 3yo, a 1yo, and a dream. A crazy dream, maybe. We thought it would take a few months to begin to acclimate to this new life. Learn the particulars of our boat and update a few systems. Then winter in Seattle happened and we weren’t going anywhere. Not until the rain let up a bit and we could get more work done, and more experience.

Seattleites can (and do!) do everything in the rain. And we learned a lot about drying out ourselves and the boat — there’s a very good reason it has a woodturning stove! — but most of it we didn’t learn until the end of winter.

So, it’s been damp, cold, and exhausting. With two curious, beautiful little people hanging in there when we are too tired to explain and just ask them to sit quietly for a moment.

IMG_7506We are all more accustomed to snug togetherness (read “climbing all over each other to get to the head or your cup of coffee”), and have learned more Tetris-Fu (the ancient art of stowing things in the most advantageous way, in the least amount of space) than I ever thought possible.

But, here we are 8 months later. Ready to cut the dock lines. Ready to venture out into life without a home marina or a permanent slip.

This week we cleaned out our 4x4ft storage space at the marina, shipped 4 more boxes of things for life on land (if/when we ever come back to it) to my mom’s garage, said farewells to friends in the neighborhood here, bought more provisions (trying to anticipate anything we might need that won’t be as available out there), signed up with a mail forwarding service (now our “home” address), got hair cuts, and are in the process of selling our car.

What a wild trip! And the trip hasn’t even really started yet!

I’m so glad the rain has ceased for long enough for us to dry everything out, play on deck, and feel like we are settled to begin our journey.

There will be more rain, I know. More storms, more boat maintenance, more surprises, more disappointments, more challenges. But for today, I feel like we are embarking on something that will change us. Give us a freedom we haven’t yet known, show us beauty and danger, and challenge us to be alive in each moment. Life does that anyway, but it’s easy to be numbed by routine and convenience. This life is neither routine, nor convenient. And that is what I’m growing to love about it.


3 thoughts on “Cutting the dock lines…or bye-bye convenience!

  1. So awesome! We are headed down the same path from just a little South of you in New Mexico. Best of luck to you! Hope to see you out there!

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