We have a bigger dingy!…or Coffee shops and laundromats are now within my reach!

We were able to work out the trade of all trades, with our former marina neighbors in Seattle. We traded them our car for their dingy! We didn’t need our car anymore (it had a few issues that were going to make it hard to sell)…they needed a car and (as full time marina liveaboards) they weren’t using their dingy…we needed a bigger dingy!IMG_8143

They graciously trekked it to Edmonds, we sailed over from Port Townsend, and we met up. While our little two and their little one played in the sandbox, we worked out the deal.

IMG_8289So, we now have a larger dingy. Whew! One that can carry the four of us, our stroller, trash and recycling ashore, and groceries (and the various interesting sticks, rocks, and pieces of bull kelp our kiddos collect) home again. And it rows much better! So much better. Like a dream, I would say, compared to the other one.

So, I can easily row ashore myself now. Which means I can sit in a coffee shop, within sight of the boat, as I am now…and write a blog post! Hooray!

Or do laundry…





3 thoughts on “We have a bigger dingy!…or Coffee shops and laundromats are now within my reach!

  1. Good for you guys figuring out life at anchor. Sounds like mostly good experiences so far. Have you tried out the flopper stopper you found in the bilge? Might help with the rolling. All the best, Sherry & John s/v Pelagic

  2. Hi Brio! We just returned from a month in CA & glad to be back on the boat. Love your writing Crystal and seeing pics of the kids. Yay you are cruising!!

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