The Crew

…or our adventurous little family…



Gene has been a stage carpenter, a permaculture enthusiast, and a creator and builder of medieval pavilions. He’s still the latter, though we have put our pavilion business ( on hiatus for a couple years to set sail. He’s studied 16th century swordsmanship for almost two decades. Unfortunately, his fencing gear isn’t exactly essential boat equipment, so that has had to go on hiatus for a bit too.


IMG_8660Crystal has been an actor, theatre teacher, and stage manager for the past 14 years. She’s performed roles from the Angel in Angels in America, to Rose in Dancing at Lughnasa, along with many of Shakespeare’s ladies. She’s worked with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival — performing with, creating workshops for, and directing their bullying prevention program – inspired by the Bard’s writing of fantastic bullies. She’s a baker of bread, an occasional knitter and gardener, and a yogi.


Byron Ash is our 4 year old little man who loves to “fix” things, go rowing and crabbing with dad, build with Legos, and eat zucchini bread. He begins the day talking and doesn’t quit till he’s asleep. C-56











Rowan Eve is our two year old little spitfire. She got lungs and attitude, and adorable smile to go with it. She loves to roughhouse, throw rocks on the beach, watch crabs, and snuggle in the morning.


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