Ship’s Log

…or the cliff’s notes of our adventure


September 2016 — Arrived back in Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival and working on plans for work this winter in the area.

August 2016 — Cruising the beautiful San Juan Islands! And meeting up with friends in Bellingham to see their farm.

July 2016 — In and around Port Townsend a lot. Headed for the San Juan Islands very soon!

June 2016 — We’ve been cruising for a month. Learning a lot and happy to get a larger dink!

May 2016 — Ok…needed another couple weeks into May…but we cut the dock lines on May 15th! Off to islands in Puget Sound and working our way up to Port Townsend.

April 2016 — Supplying, errands, saying goodbye to friends…cutting the dock lines at the end of the month!

March 2016 — Almost there! Installing emergency bulge pump and fixing the shaft packing and other engine needs. Planning to cut the dock lines next month!

February 2016 — More boat projects, even more rain. Solar panels and batteries in, visit from Gene’s folks, lifeline netting almost up. Planning to sail to Vashon to meet Gene’s family at the end of March. Hope to be mostly done with immediate projects then.

January 2016 — More boat projects, more rain. Composting head in and working great.

December 2015 — Lots of rain and no real good sailing days so far. Working on boat projects (from the head to the hatch), making gifts, baking, puddle stomping, and generally waiting for sun and winds that aren’t “gale force”.

November 2015 — Out for a few short lake sails, and finally out into the Sound. Rainy days, orcas, boat projects, and countless activities to keep the kids entertained. We’re learning!

October 2015 — Been living aboard for a month. Lots of change! Little ones are transitioning and there are good and bad days (cabin fever is real!) Appreciating that we finally got here before the weather turned to rain.

September 2015 — We arrived! We are exploring the boat, stowing and re-stowing, learning to cook/parent/bathe/live in this new life. Soon to be getting out on Lake Union and beyond!

August 2015 — We will be aboard by the end of the month! Hopefully. More reading and research into life vests, Seattle children’s activities, local weather patterns. Oh, and planning an easy birthday party for our soon to be 3yo and 1yo (their b-days are a day apart), when family comes to visit us in Seattle in September.

July 2015 — wrapping up the last of Gene’s projects in Denver. Can’t wait to get out to Seattle! Doing research into good one-pot recipes, making sunblock (yep, you can do that!), taking the kiddos to swimming (or rather “floating”) lessons, and trying not to go nuts! Can we just be there already?!

June 2015 — We just bought her! We are excited and full of anticipation and really want to get there and start working on her. Gene is finishing up some projects in Denver, so it might be a month or two. The kids and I may go ahead, if we can work out the logistics. She really only needs some cleaning, a bit of scraping of the varnish on the cockpit combing, netting on the lifelines, and the installation of a desiccating head before we can move in. There are other projects (standing rigging hardware, new cushions throughout, etc) that we’ll need to tackle soon. But she’s in good shape overall. Now to choose the cushion fabric!


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